I really like the idea/structure that Ketzirah posted about on her blog Peeling a Pomegranate about The Four Elements of Sustainable Spiritual Practice.

I think that this year I am going to try to work my spiritual ideas on around the Wheel of the Year. So my structure will look something like:

Spring Imbolc {Feb. 2} to Beltane {May 1}- Air = Personal Connection with the Divine.

  • Daily Prayer
  • Weekly Meditation
  • Major Spiritual Book reading
  • Study in depth the Maiden Aspect

Summer Beltane {May 1} to Lughnassadh {Aug 1}- Fire = Resources

  • Growing a garden
  • Establishing a healthy relationship with food
  • Building my self confidence
  • Being active outside
  • Studying the Mother Aspect

Fall Lughnassadh {Aug 1} to Samhain {Oct 31}- Water = Creativity

  • Find a craft I love – embroidery?
  • Turn negativity in positivity
  • Work on divination
  • Studying the Father

Winter Samhain {Oct 31} to Imbolc – Earth = Finding my true self

  • Find some happiness – daily
  • Build better relationships with the people I love and learn to sever unhealthy relationships
  • Work on grounding/centering/meditation
  • Studying the Crone Aspect

A New Path

January 22, 2010

I’ve been posting anything and everything on my other blog, but I feel that it is simply an impersonal resource guide. It is great on it’s own for the information collected, but it is not correct for my personal posts. I have decided to go with a new blog for just me. One with less traffic and prying eyes and forked tongues. A path that I hope will help me be in tune with Divinity.

I have several ways I want to get more in touch with the Divine:

  • Praying 4 times a day at prescribed times – morning, afternoon, evening and night.
  • Making an effort to pray more.
  • Using prayer time as a time of joy not something I have to do.
  • Lighting candles to shift my moods and thoughts.
  • Actually meditating.